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17. Economy; Industry; Working in Germany

The prospering of the economy is most closely intertwined with the fate of our democratic state.
Ludwig Erhard (1897-1977)

17.1 News, Overviews, Briefs, Stock Data and other Databases



Wer gehört wem?, a publication of Commerzbank describing most major German companies (i.e. nearly all AG's). Available at local branches of the Commerzbank for about DM 10. 1996-03

17.2 DIN, ISO

For more on the work on standards by the Deutsches Institut für Normen check out their website.

To find out about the International Organisation for Standards have a look at ISO Online. A few ISO standards are available from this ftp-server

17.3 Economy Research Institutes

17.4 Bundesstelle für Außenhandelsinformation (BfAI)

Agrippastraße 87-93 50676 Köln, Postfach 100522, 50445 Köln Tel.: (0221)2057-0 Fax: (0221)2057-212 1997-06

17.5 Looking for Individual Jobs

For temporary stays it might be best to apply with one of the exchange programs. Contact the nearest German consulate, ask about the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).

For academic positions, the traditional paper to consult is Die Zeit 1996-10

Some Addresses

Zentralstelle für Arbeitsvermittlung

Feuerbachstraße 42-46, 60325 Frankfurt/Main, tel +49(69)71110, fax +49(69)7111555

This is an important address for people who want to work in Germany.
Association for International Practical Training (AIPT)

217 American City Building, Columbia, MD 21044-3492, tel +1(301)997-2200


requests and offers of Practical training U Mannheim1996-02

Link collections

The physics department at the U Bielefeld and at the U Würzburg maintain pages with links.

17.6 Chambers of Commerce (Industrie- und Handelskammer)

The Chambers of Commerce maintain a list of the German companies in the respective countries along with their addresses which you can purchase. The price varies according to how detailed a list you wish to have.

The German-American Chamber of Commerce

465 California Street, Suite 910, San Francisco, CA 94104, tel +1(415)392-2262

German-American Chamber of Commerce

104 S. Michigan Ave. Suite 600, Chicago, IL 60603-5978, tel +1(312)782-8557; +1(312)641-6673

German-American Chamber of Commerce

909 Fannin Suite 3750, Suite 3418, Houston, TX 77010, tel +1(713)658-8230

German-American Chamber of Commerce

5220 Pacific Concourse Drive, Suite 280 Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA; tel +1(310)297-7979 telephone, fax +1(310)297-7966 telefax 1996-09

German-American Chamber of Commerce

666 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10103, tel +1(212)974-8830; +1(213)582-7788

German-American Chamber of Commerce

Peachtree Center Harris Tower, 233 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 2701, Atlanta, GA 30303, tel +1(404)577-7228

Camera de Comercio Uruguayo-Alemana

Zamala 1379 Piso 4, CC 1499, Montevideo, tel 405813

Deutsch-Paraguayanische Industrie- und Handelskammer

Camera de la Industria y del Comercio, Juan O'Leary 409, Estrella Ed. Parapito Piso 2 Oficina 201, CC 201, Asuncion, tel 446594

Deutsch-Argentinische Industrie- und Handelskammer

Camera de la Industria y del Comercio, Florida 547, Buenos Aires, tel 3939006, 3939007

17.7 What is the minimum wage in Germany ?

There is no such thing as an overall minimum wage defined by law. There are special regulations and agreements with certain sectors, i.e., construction companies are obliged to pay their workers a minimum hourly wage per an agreement between unions and employers.

The position of trade unions is stronger than in most other countries. Every industrial sector has its wage agreements and most companies pay accordingly. Wages for certain kind of work are described with much detail, this involves of course a minimum for the wage.

Although there are no state-mandated minimum wages one can say that something similar exists. Everyone has a right to Sozialhilfe (social welfare) which is defined very well. No matter whether you are employed or not, you always have the right to a (very limited) income. If you work for less, you will get the rest from the local Sozialamt, the social welfare administration, run by the city or county government.

Sozialhilfe for a family of four is rumored to be a little less than 2000 DM per month, excluding rent. The rent for a reasonable (and often subsidized) apartment is payed by the government on top of this.

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