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4. News

Sources of news from/about Germany. One particularly well-done collection of pointers to German news sources is Carl Butler's listing, containing (I bet) all of the pointers mentioned here and more. 1996-04

The alpha complete news index has a very extensive selection of German print and broadcast news media.

4.1 Newspapers and Magazines online

All the major German newspapers and magazines and many of the local ones are available on the web. Some put their whole edition online, some only excerpts and the really stingy ones will only give you contact information.

A news site to end all newspaper websites is provided by paperball. The site compiles news from various newspapers and magazines and offers them in one overview. Very slick.

National newspapers and magazines

Der Standard and Tages Anzeiger are some offerings from Austria and Switzerland.

Regional and local publications

Here are some links to local papers: Berliner Morgenpost | Berliner Zeitung | Durlacher Blatt | Express | Frankenpost | Haidhauser Nachrichten | Hamburger Abendblatt | Hamburger Morgenpost | Hannoversche Allgemeine | Heilbronner Stimme | Hellweger Anzeiger | HollsteinischerCourier | Kevelaerer Blatt | Kieler Nachrichten | Kölner Stadtanzeiger | Kölnische Rundschau | Landeszeitung Lüneburg | Lausitzer Rundschau | Lippische Landes-Zeitung | Main Echo | Mainpost | Mannheimer Morgen | Marktspiegel | Mindener Tageblatt | Mittelbadische Presse | Maerker | Münstersche Zeitung | Neue Presse | Nordbayrischer Kurier | Nordwest Zeitung | Nürnberger Nachrichten | Nürnberger Zeitung | Nürtinger Zeitung | Passauer Neue Presse | Pirmasenser Zeitung | Rems Zeitung | Remscheider General-Anzeiger | Rhein-Zeitung | Rheingau Echo | Rheinische Post | Rheinischer Merkur | Rostocker Nachrichten | Ruhr Nachrichten | Das Zeitfenster | Der Tagesspiegel | Neue Westfaelische Zeitung | Saarbrücker Zeitung | Schaumburger Nachrichten | Schwarzwaelder Bote | Schweriner Volkszeitung | Schwaebische Zeitung | Siegener Zeitung | Singener Wochenblatt | Stuttgarter Zeitung | Saechsische Zeitung | Südkurier | Trierischer Volksfreund | Weser Kurier | Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung | Westfaelische Nachrichten | Wochenspiegel

4.2 GermNews

Since December 1993, GermNews broadcasts a daily summary of events as reported by major German news sources. The paragraphs are manual transcripts from radio etc. by a number of volunteers around Rainer Mallon.

The German compiled text is made available daily in several ways:

  • It is posted in soc.culture.german.
  • It posted on the world wide web. An overview of the current year of the current year is also available. 1999-02
  • It is emailed to the subscribers of a mailing list. To subscribe to the mailing list, send email to listserv@listserv.gmd.de. The body of the message should only contain the line SUB GERMNEWS. To unsubscribe, send mail to the above address with the line UNSUB GERMNEWS 1999-2 OK
  • Searching the GermNews Archive Notebooks


    A glossary 1996-02 containing English explanations of words and phrases often used in German news can be obtained by sending an email:

    (Don't use any signature lines!) 1996-05

    Keyword Search

    All messages to germnews are archived in units called notebooks or logs each month. You can search these notebooks for references using the powerful database searching function of listserv to get the information you want.

    There are two steps to searching the archives. First put your search together and send it to listserv@listserv.gmd.de which will return as mail an index or list of the messages that meet your search criteria, each with a unique item number. Using this item number, you then send another request for the specific messages you want, which will be returned as a longer database output file.

    To find out more about this process send the following email:

    To: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.GMD.DE // Database search DD=Rules //Rules DD * Search * in GERMNEWS Print 112 /*
    ok: 6/94

    4.3 De-News (the English version)

    The de-news mailing list is the English edition of GermNews -- the English translation of yesterday's issue of GermNews. To subscribe to de-news 1996-05

    send email To: LISTSERV@listserv.gmd.de with body SUBSCRIBE DE-NEWS first name last name

    4.4 Deutsche Welle News

    The Deutsche Welle also has a news service, available in various flavors:

    4.5 Press Agencies

    Deutsche Presse Agentur (DPA)

    The Kurznachrichtendienst features articles from Germany's premier news agency. The articles, transmitted and displayed in German, are categorized into Headline News Summaries (Schlagzeilen), Politics (Politik), Business (Wirtschaft), Sports (Sport), Culture (Kultur) and Miscellaneous (Vermischtes). The news service delivers more than 60 news stories a day, 24 hours a day. 1994-05

    Compuserve offers DPA News Headline Services as part of its basic services; Compuserve members access the service with the command go DPANEWS. A warning from CompuServe: The information contained in the Deutsche Presse-Agentur news report may not be published, broadcast or otherwise redistributed without the prior written authority of the Deutsche Presse-Agentur. 1995-3

    Austrian Press Agency (APA)

    The Austrian Press Agency, APA, is also on-line.

    4.6 Magazines


    4.7 Mail Ordering Newspapers and Magazines

    GLP International (German Language Publications)

    153 S. Dean Street
    NJ 07631
    tel +1 201-871-1010
    fax +1 201-871-0870
    info@glpnews.com 1999-02

    You can subscribe to many German publications, daily and weekly papers, as well as monthly magazines (altogether more than 150.) Ask for their catalog. They offer sample copies for most of the titles (for a price).

    Deutschland Nachrichten / The Week in Germany

    The German Information Center (GIC)
    950 Third Ave.
    New York, NY 10022
    tel +1(212)888-9840

    Deutschland Nachrichten or its English version The Week in Germany is a free 8 page flyer. It features selected articles from various German newspapers, soccer results, and the US$/DM exchange rate. The German Information Center also distributes lots of other information (books, maps, ...) for free. They are a particularly helpful resource for those who may have to prepare a school presentation about Germany.

    Check out the official web site of TWIG. 1996-03

    The GIC archive can now be reached on the net, too. Compuserve users may try GO EURFOR, GO FLEFO, GO GERLINE or GO INFOGERMANY. 1995-03

    Der Spiegel

    (see GLP International above)

    Published weekly, subscription price for the USA is US$280 p.a. Partly available on WWW.

    Die Zeit

    Die Zeit
    29 Coldwater Road
    Toronto, ON
    M3B 1Y8

    Die Zeit
    PO Box 9868
    Englewood, NJ

    Costs: US$54 for 1 year (52 issues)

    'Die Zeit' is available either via air mail or as international edition via surface mail from Canada. The international edition is much cheaper but contains less pages.

    The German Tribune

    does not exist any more ...

    Die Nordamerikanische Wochenpost

    Die Nordamerikanische Wochenpost
    1120 E. Long Lake Road
    Troy, MI 48098

    3 month trial subscription: US$15, one year US$42.95.

    This is a general interest newspaper. The front page generally features news from/about Germany. There are special pages for regional, domestic American news of interest to German speakers (e.g. Florida, New York, Chicago/Milwaukee, and Detroit). Additionally, there's a special page for news from/about Austria. All the major sections that you would expect in any newspaper are represented: politics, sports, the economy, fashion, cartoons, features, editorials, etc. There are also several short-stories and a serialized novel. There's a list of German-language radio broadcasts for North America (US and Ontario, Canada). It also contains a list of German-American associations.


    CH-8021 Zürich
    fax +41-1-248-5055

    Prices (Sfr) for all countries, first four issues free.

    air mail surface mail 3 months 41.74 33.75 6 months 78.50 66.50 1 year 135.00 111.00
    Tages-Anzeiger is one of the major Swiss daily newspapers (besides Neue Züricher Zeitung). Their international edition is published weekly.
    German Life

    Zeitgeist Publishing
    1 Corporate Drive
    Grantsville, MD 21536
    tel +1(301)895-3859, +1(800)314-6843
    fax +1(301)895-5029

    Their introductory subscription is 6 issues for US$17.95 It seems commercial but with beautiful slick paper and some interesting articles. An old map of North America all in German (Virginien, Pennsylvanien, Kanada, Chikago, ObererSee, etc...) articles about Berlin after WW II (e.g. die Trümmerfrauen,) Berlin in the 20's, etc. 1996-03

    Washington Journal (est. 1859)

    1113 National Press Building
    Washington, DC 20045-1853
    tel +1(202)628-0404
    fax +1(703)938-2251

    German language weekly with European news, features, sports, ads of German clubs etc., targeted at the audience of Germans in the US.

    Yearly subscription cost US$32 to US$34 in US; US$40 in Canada email 74127.25@compuserve.com for more information. 1995-9

    California Staats-Zeitung

    PO Box 26308
    1201 N. Alvarado Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90026
    tel +1(213)413-5500

    A one year subscription to this weekly paper is US$25. It has all the local German events as well as all the Bundesliga action. 1995-3

    Süddeutsche Zeitung

    Süddeutscher Verlag GmbH
    Sendlinger Straße 8
    D-80331 München
    tel +49(89)21830

    Neue Presse (from California)

    Neue Presse - Vertrieb
    9001 Oso Avenue, Suite F
    Chatsworth, CA 91311, USA
    tel +1(818)700-0666

    Kölner Volksblatt

    Alternative newspaper from Cologne; covering topics from the region and beyond. WWW


    Stern, Hamburg 100125.1305@compuserve.com

    Focus 100335.3131@compuserve.com

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