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15. Foreign Affairs; Consulates / Embassies

Some basic background; lots of addresses. Federal Republic of Germany is abbreviated as FRG.

15.1 General Remarks on the Embassies

The German Consulates are very helpful in getting information about anything concerning Germany (travel, politics, laws ...) They're very thorough and supply lots of information in response to requests. Among other things:

They also sponsor the German Information Center (address in the Newspapers section).

For background and general information on Germany the German Embassies will send anyone a complimentary copy of the booklet Facts about Germany.

There is a list of all embassies/consulates in the US. You get it from the Department of State. Its title is Foreign Consular Offices in the United States and it contains addresses, names of the staff and phone numbers. You might find the booklet in most public libraries.

For quite a lot more embassies and consulates (etc.,) besides those related to the FRG, try globescope's embassy page! 1996-10

15.2 Foreign Embassies in the FRG

Botschaft der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika

Deichmanns Aue 29, 53170 Bonn, tel +49(228)339-1/-2053, fax +49(228)332712, Amtsbezirk: Nordrhein-Westfalen

There are a number of other consular instutions in the FRG ... in case you live elsewhere you might need to contact Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Leibzig, or Stuttgart. Let me know -- I'll get you the address, too.

Konsulat der Ungarischen Republik

General-Vollmann-Strasse 2, 8???? Muenchen, +49(89)911032, 1997-06

Die Botschaft des Staates Israel in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Simrockalle 2, 53173 Bonn, tel +49(228)823-0, fax +49(228)361916, fax +49(228)356093, email botschaft@israel.de

Generalkonsulat des Staates Israel in Berlin

Schinkelstrasse 10, 14193 Berlin, tel +49(30)893220-3/-4/-5, fax +49(30)8928908, email konsulat@israel.de 1995-11

Botschaft von Singapur,

Südstr.133, 53175 Bonn, tel +49(228)9510314 1996-11

15.3 German Embassies and Consulates General

The Auswärtige Amt ( Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides a list of the German embassies. For english speakers, there is a page in English that lists the embassies in English speaking countries. And one for in Spanish for Spanish speaking countries.

The German Information Center maintains a list with the addresses of the German embassy in Washington, D.C. and of the German consulates in the United States.

Some German embassies have their own web pages: Argentina, Austria, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Ghana, Rép. de Guinée, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Namibia, Norway, Paraguay, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States of America.

15.4 Other Foreign Affairs Institutions

Auswärtiges Amt

Postfach 1148, 53001 Bonn, Adenauerallee 99-103, 53113 Bonn, tel (0228)17-0, fax (0228)17-3402 www http://www.auswaertiges-amt.government.de/


Prof. Dr. Werner Weidenfeld Koordinator für die deutsch-amerikanische zwischengesellschaftliche, kultur- und informationspolitische Zusammenarbeit, Auswärtiges Amt, Postfach 1148, 53001 Bonn, tel (0228)17-26611-28701-2678, fax (0228)17-3402

United States Information Agency

German Country Affairs Offlcer 301 4th Street, S.W., Washington, DC 20547 USA, tel +1(202)619-5940, fax +1(202)619-6821

Deutsch-Amerikanische Parlamentariergruppe im 12. Deutschen Bundestag

Referat PB 3, Sekretariat der Parlamentariergruppen, Bundeshaus, 53113 Bonn, tel (0228)16-7466/3588/2444/3879, fax (0228)16-85124

The Congressional Study Group on Germany

Suite 422, 1755 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. Washington, DC 20036 USA, tel +1(202)332-3532, fax +1(202)543-7145

15.5 Goethe Institutes

The various Goethe Institutes ( English page) are funded by the German government to provide an opportunity for people outside Germany to become acquainted with German culture and learn German. They offer:

German classes

of which readers of soc.culture.german report that they are intense but really make you learn.

library services

that are open to all, including getting material via interlibrary loan or fax. The services used to be free, but some locations seem to charge for them. The Goethe Institut in Manchester, England, for example, introduced an annual fee of GBP 10 in September 1999.


My favorite still is Vee have vays to make you laugh - German humor.

This page contains a list of all Gothe institutes world-wide, including websites, mailing addresses and everything else you need to get in touch with your friendly neighborhood Goethe Institut.

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