David Lutterkort
Email: lutter at watzmann dot net
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What I do

I work in Red Hat's cloud/virtualization group, mostly on various management tools. My main focus right now is Apache Deltacloud. I am a member of the DMTF Cloud Management Working Group, and represent Red Hat on the board of the DMTF. I am the maintainer of Augeas and started netcf so that libvirt can manage network interfaces on a host. I used to contribute quite heavily to Puppet.

Back in the day, I used to be in Red Hat's Content and Collaboration Management group, building web applications, mainly for content management. For the last year or so I have been working on the development and deployment of our content management system for a large client. Before Red Hat, I worked at the now defunct Arsdigita, a startup company built on the dreams of talented geeks and brought down by the nightmares of bad management.

Once upon a time, I earned a PhD from Purdue University, where Jörg Peters was my advisor. My area of specialization is Computer Aided Geometric Design. CAGD is, roughly, what you need when you want to use smooth curves or surfaces on a computer. It uses some classical geometry, a lot of numerical mathematics and a pinch of computer science. How big a pinch depends on whether you actually want something that works or only something that you know could be made to work.

For further information on my background, have a look at my resume or look at a list of publications.

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